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Conversation Pits and Sunken Baths

As a child in the 70s I knew absolutely that the ultimate in grown-up glamour was the fully carpeted – preferably shag – sunken conversation pit. Failing that anything involving a change of level in a room was pretty damn cool. Of course the conversation pit was hardly practical for the average family home – but the sunken bath was definitely doable – or at least it was easy to give the impression with a few wide steps and carrying the carpet up the side of the bath. It was a look that hung on well after the demise of the conversation pit.


Starting with the finest picture I own. This is everything a conversation pit should be…
Circular conversation pit

The more tiers the merrier…

If you can’t do the full-on pit, a two tier impression with plenty of carpet will do a pretty good job…

Green carpetted conversation pit

Your home doesn’t need to be purpose built – even a barn conversion can work with a conversation pit…

barn conversion conversation pit


Some people got really complicated with the idea…



A nice shag really showed the conversation pit at its best…


Even a more traditional sofa-style seat works best when it’s sunken!


Replace the carpet with acres of rubber and you’ve got yourself a stylish bathroom…


In a small room – just go for a fully padded pit…

Grey conversation pit

Some wide steps and plenty of carpet turn your avocado bath into a sunken-style joy…


Take the idea a little further and create a fabulous purple carpetted bath platform…

Great Masters Sunken Bath


Even if you don’t fancy carpet, nicely patterned tiles give a great effect…

Tiled sunken bath

Instead of bringing  the floor up to the bath, bring the wall down…

Jungle sunken bath


Take your classic 80s colours of black and white and add a corner bath to the look…


Finally, with a more subtle colour scheme the corner bath can offer discrete elegance…


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