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Coloured Exteriors of the 50s and 60s

If you look around 50s and 60s housing estates, they often have an incoherent and dowdy feel. Much of the joy of housing design of this era lay in the use of colour in exteriors, which has tended to be painted over in plain white and destroyed the vibrancy. Of course books of housing of this era tends to have black and white photography too, so it’s easy to forget the impact of colour in these buildings  – so in a little tribute I’ve scoured through for the few colour pics I can find.







No colour, but I love this picture as an illustration of the utopian feel of modern design flats and high-rises replacing the slums in the 20th century. It wasn’t all about corruption and destroying communities – there was a geniune belief in a brave new world.


Finally, vibrant car mats and door mats – I just loved this as an advert- COLOUR! 🙂


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